Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who else is ready for Fall?!

We got a taste of one of the first crisp fall mornings today. As much as we hate that our annual family beach trip just came to an end, we are officially in the mindset for FALL! Before we left for vacation, I started a new project for our dining area.

I’ve had a gold full length mirror since well before Levi and I were together. For whatever reason, it has always grabbed my attention. Needless to say, I did NOT want to get rid of the thing… but there was just NO place for such an over-sized mirror in our little home. The mirror sat in storage for a while (aka at Mama’s House) before we finally moved it into a corner of our dining area at the house. This wasn’t horrible, I just like to change things up a bit from time to time! I’ve been wanting to see what chalk paint was all about… so when I came across the idea of chalk paint on mirror frames (thanks, Pinterest) I had to try!

For this particular project, I used a very basic White Matte Finish Chalk Paint. No prep or primer was needed, I simply cleaned off some dust from the mirror and got right down to business. The key with chalk paint is to do very THIN layers. I ended up with only three layers since the mirror was a light gold. Then, you simply use a wet rag to scrub off the paint where you could see gold designs. This was harder than I thought!! It took time to get through all the layers of paint, but the end result was worth it.


After we got back from vacation, Levi and I unpacked and got the house back in order. Levi had some time, so he was sweet enough to hang the mirror for me!

Mirror 1I love the way it opens our dining area to be more inviting and spacious. The mirror ended up being the perfect size for the large empty wall behind the table Levi built for me last year (read about it here). After all, isn’t fall about change?!


My Little Bear

Most kids have a “security blanket” or comfort toy…. Mine was a teddy bear, given to me at the age of 5. My bear and I, later to be named “Little Bear”, instantly became inseparable. My kindergarten class had given me a large basket when my brother was born. Inside was what came to be my lifelong “comfort”.

For those who don’t know, my baby brother, David, was born with a rare bone disease. He was not supposed to live 7 minutes on earth. I love my school for going that extra mile to show that curly haired little girl affection. I’m sure that basket was filled with love and handled with care, but the only thing I remember about it is my teddy bear. He was “born” when my brother was born, and when our Lord took my brother home 7 MONTHS later (yes, he was our family’s miracle), Little Bear stayed with me. In my naive mind, I felt David was with me when I squeezed that bear. Every little whisper of a prayer, Little Bear came to life.

Little Bear’s home was in my room as long as I can remember. Since Levi and I have been married, I wanted so very much to find a way to remember the treasure I found in that old teddy bear. He has had several “surgeries” over the years… aka Mom had to sew him up a lot of because of wear and tear.

I just now found a way to showcase my Little Bear….

Little Bear

Now in one of our extra bedrooms, you can find my Little Bear showcased in a simple wooden frame. I would love to pass him down to my children, but I know his fur is thin and needs some care. So instead, I plan to share my memories with them. All it took was an old wooden frame, some fabric, and some pins. It may seem silly to you, but with that old worn out bear with the green bow tie, I shared my secrets, my prayers, and my love as a child. He holds some of my greatest childhood memories.

Curb Appeal – Lorapetalum

A neglected area much need of some lovin’….our front flower bed. Since moving in, I have wanted to update our flower bed in the front yard. However, time kept slipping away so fast, not to mention our budget never was really in favor of the idea – until this spring!

When it comes to gardening, I have a little issue… It’s commonly known as “the black thumb”. Never will I claim anything otherwise. Without any hesitation, I headed over to TBones Nursery in Milledgeville, GA. They are the BEST in this area, and I always like to support local businesses. One of their employees immediately knew the best fit for me after showing her this photo (oh and after mentioning the whole black thumb thing):

IMG_3574  IMG_3573

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but there were already some (pathetic) azaleas planted – but NEVER grew. Also, the odd bush/tree thing going on in the center. After only a few minutes at TBones, I chose the Lorapetalums, Ever Red. First of all, I love the color red. Secondly, the folks at TBones basically said I would have to be intentionally trying to kill these for them to die. SOLD!!! IMG_3588

First, I pulled up the old bushes and loosened up the dirt. Levi helped me uproot the middle bush. As you can tell from the photo on the left, dealing with red Georgia clay is NOT easy. We planted five Lorapetalums evenly across the front. Then, we added some pinestraw that we raked from our neighbors backyard – Hey! We are on a budget!! And our neighbors could benefit too, so why not!?

I LOVE how this turned out. A project that has been put off for so long feels so good to complete. All that’s left is a little watering, and to edge out the borders to keep grass out. It may not be much, but one little branch at a time will make a cozy nest!


No, We Aren’t Cavemen

No, we don’t have cable.  Yes, we know that’s not normal. 

No, we don’t get bored. Yes, we just simply go outside.

No, we can afford it. Yes, it’s a choice.

Just a few of the questions we get when people find out we don’t have cable. You should see the look on people’s faces!! It’s like we are cavemen or something? Yes, we have a Hulu for movie nights and those rainy days… But no cable. We have always been “money conscious” but especially when we first got married. To save a little extra, we decided to not have cable. I must admit to sometimes wanting to watch the news in the morning, or a football game, oh and HGTV…. But the simple truth is almost two years later, we still survive. It pushes us to go outside, to talk in the evenings, to read more books, and get out of the house. So for now, we will keep the cable-less lifestyle. Although one day this may change, we hope to not let such a simple thing like cable get in the way of our marriage and takeover our lives. Definitely not saying this happens to everybody, but it’s so easy to get caught up without realizing the truth. I pray we always remember these “simple” days.

Not Just Any Table


Ok, this post may be a little late but I couldn’t go without sharing. My Levi surprised me with a hand built dining room table and benches for Christmas this year – I fell in love instantly! I am definitely biased because it was made with the sweat and time of my sweet husband after hours and on weekends (He informed me those were MANY hours).

Made using only pallet wood, he lined them up accordingly and nail by nail created what our family will sit at for years to come. He sanded it over and over, then finally stained and added poly. To most, it may not seem like much. This is not just any table to me because I can only imagine the memories this table will hold and the family and friends to fill the seats.

My Sunshine: Pallet Wood Sign

IMG_1940For Christmas my Aunt asked for a sign that read a sweet song… ” You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” She wanted the memory of her grandfather singing it.

I decided to use pallet wood. Levi cut six consecutive pieces from a pallet of all different sizes. Flip them over and push close together. We found two long skinny pieces of wood to hold everything in place. We nailed everything together pretty quick. (The third piece of wood we added at the top was to make it level if it was hung on a wall.)

IMG_1820 IMG_1821

Next step was to sand the wood by hand. Once that was done and the wood was wiped clean of debris, the staining began! I used two coats of Miniwax – Wood Stain wiped on with a thick cloth. I wanted to incorporate green and red to match the color scheme of my aunt’s home, so the banner added a pop of color to contrast the white words. “Sunshine” is actually a light yellow. This took several coats. Not many steps, just time consuming waiting on the coats to dry. This was my first try with pallet wood, but it ended up being a fun project and learning experience!

Christmas in Dixie

There is no snow on the ground (we could actually wear shorts), but I wouldn’t have Christmas any other way. As always, the holidays with a big family creates a good time, yet a busy one (understatement). With all the hustle and bustle starting to settle down, I wanted to take a moment to share what blessings the Lord has graciously given us through this past year. Although our “nest” is now empty of all the Christmas sparkle, we may always remember that the first Christmas back in a lowly manger was only the beginning of our Lord’s life here on earth. The best is yet to come! Christmas time is just a simple reminder of the greatest gift ever given – God sent his son to be the Savior of the world, to freely give us eternal life, although so undeserving.

This is definitely my favorite time of year, so I reminisce with a few pictures of my favorite things…

2014 Christmas CardIMG_2228

Christmas Cards!!!! This year there is also wedding invites, shower invites, graduation invites, and birthday cards on the fridge, and they are just as special to us. Did I mention we have a large family?
I have wanted to send out a Christmas card since I was younger, and my wish finally came true the year Levi and I got married. This year was only our second card, but starting a tradition as a family makes me happy!

IMG_1947Millers ChristmasIMG_2235

The first photo is our burlap stockings I made for our first Christmas together in 2013. The next are the stockings my Granny made for our whole family! She just kept adding new ones through the years. I love the tradition behind them. The black and white Levi’s family stockings. I love how we all have a place, no matter how many of us there are. I look forward to the day when Levi and I can fill our mantle too.

IMG_1964These Christmas dishes may not look like much, but they are so special. They were passed down to me from my Great – Grandmother. I treasure them.

IMG_0395 - Copy  IMG_1974
My Levi turned 25 this Christmas. Having a December-Baby in your family also means having birthday wrapping paper in stock every Christmas!!

IMG_1900 IMG_1926
Oh the joys of being an Aunt….. I have three precious nephews, a neice, and one more nephew on the way! They make my life so much better.

IMG_1988  IMG_2031
There is nothing better than having a Christmas tree light up your house. The glow is warming. We are slowly adding ornaments (and memories) every year. The bottom of our tree was adorned with gifts for our family. I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents. It is time consuming, but each bow, each package is carefully chosen to bring a smile to the recipients face. Watching our friends and family opening their surprises brings so much joy and excitement! Most of these were wrapped before December 1st, so it was extremely difficult to wait!!


Our second tree. You know you married a Georgia Southern fan when…….

I couldn’t help it!! MY GS tree reminded me of good times and good friends back in my College Cheerleading days. I do love my Eagles, and all the memories made!

This is the newest addition to our Christmas decor. My oh so talented friend, Mrs. Kathy, handmade this stocking. Isn’t it beautiful!? We look forward to the Ransom-Family Christmas Party every year.

Check out her blog here: http://www.adelightsomelife.com/

I may have a little too much fun decorating for Christmas. Now my house seems so bare after taking the sparkle down. I better get to work! More Christmas projects to come…

Georgia on my Mind… Burlap Pillow

Just an old sweet song…
pillowMy heart always has, and always will be in Georgia. I love this place. From the southern pines, the heat of of summer, to the southern “snow” (aka cotton), the back roads, my True Blue Eagle pride, to the way the breeze blows when you are sittin on the tailgate. I could go on and on, but to put it simply, I love our simple life here in Middle GA. My love for the place I call home inspired this pillow.

I used some scrap burlap that was just big enough to cover an old pillow I don’t use anymore. First, I sketched out the state, and filled in with white paint. This took several coats. I then took a light tan color to the outside edges, making only light strokes rather than definite lines. I overlapped the burlap on the backside of the pillow, then used hot glue to secure the edges. NO SEWING!

…Keeps Georgia on my mind.

All Hallow’s Eve – Halloween at the Wood’s Nest

Levi and I have a tradition of getting friends and family together to pass out candy to the kiddos in our neighborhood on Halloween. Levi, the grill-master, cooked everyone dinner this year, which was a special treat! We adorned his truck with creepy orange lights,IMG_1411 a pumpkin, and spooky Halloween tunes and noises (Thanks, Pandora). We sit on the tailgate and watch as our neighborhood fills up with kids who are in full pretend mode. So, as any kid in a grown up body should, Levi and I dressed up too.

Halloween is such a fun night. Our three year old nephew told me, “Levi my main man tessie is, he is Halloween.” I guess from his perspective, Halloween is scary, beardless Levi. He wasn’t too off. It’s the costumes, the decor, the candy, scary stories, and everything is pumpkin flavored. All of it is Halloween. But I love more than anything the imagination of a child. Sadly, with age we lose the ability to imagine and pretend as we once did. On this night we get to see an extreme version of a child’s imagination. Be whatever you want! Dress goofy, act crazy, and eat lots of sugar and calories. Escape reality. Does it get more fun than that?

I couldn’t get a picture of everybody, unfortunately.. But here are just a few pictures from this year…

Addison IMG_1351 IMG_1319 IMG_1371 - CopyIMG_1393 IMG_1348 IMG_1384 IMG_1326 IMG_1377 IMG_1403 IMG_1379


All Hallows’ Eve
The pumpkin grinned from ear to ear, “The moon is bright, the sky is clear. This is the night we’ve waited for, when elves come knocking on the door. “When witches ride their broomsticks high and ghosts and goblins fill the sky. Then Jack and Jill, with fairy queen, will dance and sing: it’s Halloween.” ~ by Constance B. Osborne

Double, double… Toil and Trouble… Halloween at the Office

There is never a dull moment at Coldwell BankerIMG_0965 SSK, Realtors of Milledgeville….. Being the Office Admin, I am responsible for most of the nonsense. I’m okay with this. As many of you know, I love decorating. So it only made sense that for the month of October I have a mummy door. To Enter, BEWARE!! Not really, I used toilet paper.

For this October’s Sales Meeting, we had a little spooky Halloween Party. It was a blast!! Here are a few of the Goblins, I mean Agents….

IMG_1247 IMG_1251  IMG_1262 IMG_1276

These folks make work so fun. Of course, any good Realtor needs a good hardy breakfast to get them going. We enjoyed witches hats, spider eggs, pumpkin and monster donuts, candy ghosts, sausage and biscuits with strawberry-jalapeno jelly, and witches brew (coffee). From all this distraction, we did get some work done believe it or not. (I think.) We definitely gained some extra pounds!!

IMG_1221 IMG_1209 IMG_1213 IMG_1211  IMG_1227