Treasure Hunting

The crisp morning air, searching for the address while drinking the last of your coffee…Oh, I just love a good yard sale!! But who am I kidding – in Georgia, there is no crisp air, it’s just really steaming hot. Even at 8AM I’m sweating. WHEW! But even if I don’t find anything of interest, I love looking through other’s history and stories. Okay, yes, lots of times it’s just other’s junk. But every now and then, you will find a treasure! These simple “yard sale finds” are often times more valuable to me because I can make them my own. And mainly because they are so cheap… LET’S BE HONEST.

Also, what makes these “finds” so fun is the special bond between my sisters-in-love, and how we always share our good deals! So, here is my latest find this summer. Side note: It’s crazy how busy this year has been?! Where has the time gone?




Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who else is ready for Fall?!

We got a taste of one of the first crisp fall mornings today. As much as we hate that our annual family beach trip just came to an end, we are officially in the mindset for FALL! Before we left for vacation, I started a new project for our dining area.

I’ve had a gold full length mirror since well before Levi and I were together. For whatever reason, it has always grabbed my attention. Needless to say, I did NOT want to get rid of the thing… but there was just NO place for such an over-sized mirror in our little home. The mirror sat in storage for a while (aka at Mama’s House) before we finally moved it into a corner of our dining area at the house. This wasn’t horrible, I just like to change things up a bit from time to time! I’ve been wanting to see what chalk paint was all about… so when I came across the idea of chalk paint on mirror frames (thanks, Pinterest) I had to try!

For this particular project, I used a very basic White Matte Finish Chalk Paint. No prep or primer was needed, I simply cleaned off some dust from the mirror and got right down to business. The key with chalk paint is to do very THIN layers. I ended up with only three layers since the mirror was a light gold. Then, you simply use a wet rag to scrub off the paint where you could see gold designs. This was harder than I thought!! It took time to get through all the layers of paint, but the end result was worth it.


After we got back from vacation, Levi and I unpacked and got the house back in order. Levi had some time, so he was sweet enough to hang the mirror for me!

Mirror 1I love the way it opens our dining area to be more inviting and spacious. The mirror ended up being the perfect size for the large empty wall behind the table Levi built for me last year (read about it here). After all, isn’t fall about change?!

Not Just Any Table


Ok, this post may be a little late but I couldn’t go without sharing. My Levi surprised me with a hand built dining room table and benches for Christmas this year – I fell in love instantly! I am definitely biased because it was made with the sweat and time of my sweet husband after hours and on weekends (He informed me those were MANY hours).

Made using only pallet wood, he lined them up accordingly and nail by nail created what our family will sit at for years to come. He sanded it over and over, then finally stained and added poly. To most, it may not seem like much. This is not just any table to me because I can only imagine the memories this table will hold and the family and friends to fill the seats.

My Sunshine: Pallet Wood Sign

IMG_1940For Christmas my Aunt asked for a sign that read a sweet song… ” You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” She wanted the memory of her grandfather singing it.

I decided to use pallet wood. Levi cut six consecutive pieces from a pallet of all different sizes. Flip them over and push close together. We found two long skinny pieces of wood to hold everything in place. We nailed everything together pretty quick. (The third piece of wood we added at the top was to make it level if it was hung on a wall.)

IMG_1820 IMG_1821

Next step was to sand the wood by hand. Once that was done and the wood was wiped clean of debris, the staining began! I used two coats of Miniwax – Wood Stain wiped on with a thick cloth. I wanted to incorporate green and red to match the color scheme of my aunt’s home, so the banner added a pop of color to contrast the white words. “Sunshine” is actually a light yellow. This took several coats. Not many steps, just time consuming waiting on the coats to dry. This was my first try with pallet wood, but it ended up being a fun project and learning experience!

Georgia on my Mind… Burlap Pillow

Just an old sweet song…
pillowMy heart always has, and always will be in Georgia. I love this place. From the southern pines, the heat of of summer, to the southern “snow” (aka cotton), the back roads, my True Blue Eagle pride, to the way the breeze blows when you are sittin on the tailgate. I could go on and on, but to put it simply, I love our simple life here in Middle GA. My love for the place I call home inspired this pillow.

I used some scrap burlap that was just big enough to cover an old pillow I don’t use anymore. First, I sketched out the state, and filled in with white paint. This took several coats. I then took a light tan color to the outside edges, making only light strokes rather than definite lines. I overlapped the burlap on the backside of the pillow, then used hot glue to secure the edges. NO SEWING!

…Keeps Georgia on my mind.

An Old Window: Oh The Possibilities

My mother and I went to a few yard sales together recently. We didn’t really have any thing in particular in mind – just a fun morning spending time together. (She is where I get my love of all things crafty.) Sadly, we were not successful at any yard sales that weekend, so we decided to visit our local antique store downtown. Jackpot baby! We had fun rummaging through all of their old things. Mama found some old jewelry… I found some candle stick holders… but we BOTH saw a couple old windows stacked together in the back. The ideas starting flowing!


Mom decided to use hers as a picture frame. Whether for four different pictures or for just one really big one to fit behind the panes. I wanted something to just simply hang on the wall to fill a void. (Levi hates stuff on the wall… men.. *sigh*) So instead, the window ended up on our mantle.

Before I start, I must disclose that I change our mantle decor a hundred times a year. But looking at the window, it seemed something was missing… Thankfully, our windows had already been cleaned and painted when we found them. Mama’s is tinted light blue, and mine was off white, both looking rustic. I liked the contrast of my dark mantle behind the off white painted window. All we really had to do was scratch off the little bits of paint that were on the glass. The window had an old lock on it still. As I turned the window upside down, this lock became the perfect hook to hang something. So of course, I made a visit to the greatest store EVER – Hobby Lobby.

I was looking at ribbon, accessories, anything I could possibly hang from my window. Eventually, I found some wreaths of all sizes. I found a relatively small (and very plain) wreath, so I went back and grabbed a roll of thick burlap ribbon. So the wreath / window wouldn’t fall and scare me to death one day, I secured it on the window lock by making a knot with some hemp (or twine). The wreath ended up being very light weight. Next, I wrapped the burlap around the top of the wreath and gathered it together where I thought the bow should be. (Yes, I am forever a cheerleader who likes bows on everything.) Using some of the hemp, I made a knot around the burlap I gathered. You can cut the strand a few inches above the knot. I then held a new strand of burlap in my hand and wrapped it around my elbow making a long circle. Then, I tied hemp in the middle to make a knot – There’s the bow! Cut off the excess burlap. Tie the hemp from the bow to the gathered burlap attached to the wreath. This way, everything stays in place and is in the shape you want. I contemplated letting some long strands of burlap fall from the bow, but for now I left it alone. Also, the backside of the window wasn’t painted as smooth, but has some tan parts showing. I might paint this later, but now it is what it is! I love love love rustic.

I am looking forward to the upcoming months so I can dazzle up my wreath for the holidays!! Before & After Wreath