Making This Place Your Home


Re-living these moments brings happy tears to my eyes! Wish we could’ve captured everyone’s reactions about baby girl. We did get a few clips of our family, from the very first time we told them about our baby, to finding out the gender… Such sweet memories!

Here are the few we were lucky enough to capture on video…



Glitter and Bows

Bring on the glitter and bows, we are having a baby GIRL!


Last month we were told our tiny peanut was a girl. After the shock wore off, we started planning a gender reveal get together for our families. My sister in law, Mariah, convinced us to have the party. So glad we took her advice because we had a BLAST surprising our family with the news! It wasn’t easy keeping the little secret, though.

Levi’s cousin just started a catering business, Chaffin’s Dishes, so we got her to make us some, might I say, absolutely mouth watering cookies and cream cupcakes. She filled the inside with pink icing, so when our family took a big bite, there it was! Of course, we made everyone choose a “side” before biting into the cupcakes. So each person chose a pink or blue flag that was on top. “Team Boy” was ahead because we are SO outnumbered by boys! Right now we have 1 niece and 5 nephews. Needless to say, the PINK created a shock factor.

Here are a few pictures from the party…..

Two of my SIL are also pregnant (due a week apart in August). It’s been fun going through this journey with them too. This past weekend we found out they are BOTH having boys… So we get two more nephews this year! So many exciting things going on in our family, and more to come. Our baby girl is going to have to keep all of these boys in line!! 🙂


[Me-24w5d, Ashah-17w3d, Mariah-16w4d]

Our Nest is Growing!


Yes, our little nest is growing next year! We are expecting our first baby love next June. Although it still doesn’t feel real to us yet, we couldn’t be more excited. After our 10 week appointment, we heart our child’s heartbeat for the first time. I’ve always dreamed about what it may sound like, if I would have tears or big smiles. That beautiful sound just took my breath away. I stared at the little bit in my stomach in pure awe. Levi was giddy and also stared in amazement. What a miracle life is! That tiny human will change our world in ways we can’t imagine possible yet. One thing we do know, we are so in love.