Treasure Hunting

The crisp morning air, searching for the address while drinking the last of your coffee…Oh, I just love a good yard sale!! But who am I kidding – in Georgia, there is no crisp air, it’s just really steaming hot. Even at 8AM I’m sweating. WHEW! But even if I don’t find anything of interest, I love looking through other’s history and stories. Okay, yes, lots of times it’s just other’s junk. But every now and then, you will find a treasure! These simple “yard sale finds” are often times more valuable to me because I can make them my own. And mainly because they are so cheap… LET’S BE HONEST.

Also, what makes these “finds” so fun is the special bond between my sisters-in-love, and how we always share our good deals! So, here is my latest find this summer. Side note: It’s crazy how busy this year has been?! Where has the time gone?




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