Our Holly Jolly Home

Someone asked my husband if we decorated our home for Christmas. His response…. “HA It’s like a tiny elf came down to our house and threw up Christmas spirit everywhere!” What can I say, I have a romantic…  Any-who… He was right. The day after Thanksgiving an elf got busy (Elf Rachel). Each year we add a little something new or different to our home, so here are a few of my favorite traditions, old and new!


Dinnerware –> I realize I’m obsessed. These were handed down from my great-grandmother, and the gingerbread from my other grandmother. They are placed on the table my husband, Levi, built for me that we have enjoyed all year long! See post from last Christmas

Our tree  –> It doesn’t have fancy ornaments, but each one we have holds a story. Hanging each one is a reminder of these memories over the years! We don’t have a real tree (thanks, allergies!) but you better believe we have the scent of pine melting away in the wax warmer.

The newest addition to our Christmas decor is this handmade tree skirt from one of my favorite hometown antique stores – Old Capital Treasures. (I have way to much fun in there.) To make it even better, this skirt was only $6 – YES PLEASE.

Under the tree –> Am I the only one that thinks gift wrapping is an art? One of the best memories with my Mom was going shopping together. But even more so, listening to Christmas music while we wrapped them all. NOTE: Never forget the Christmas babies. My Levi’s birthday is only six days before, so we always have a mix of birthday fun too.

Our mantle –> It lights up our living room and creates such a peaceful setting, where we sit and have our coffee each morning. My beautiful “W” ornament, given to me from my Granny this year, hangs on another antique store find.

The cards –> We love getting cards from friends and family!! When we got married, we started the tradition of sending out our own cards for Christmas. This year we started a new tradition thanks to one of my grade school teachers, who is still teaching me things as an adult! Mrs. Hartzell, thank you for sharing this devotional calendar from Ann Voskamp. It’s beautifully written daily reminders of what Christmas is really about – The Greatest Gift! [ Check out her blog


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