Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who else is ready for Fall?!

We got a taste of one of the first crisp fall mornings today. As much as we hate that our annual family beach trip just came to an end, we are officially in the mindset for FALL! Before we left for vacation, I started a new project for our dining area.

I’ve had a gold full length mirror since well before Levi and I were together. For whatever reason, it has always grabbed my attention. Needless to say, I did NOT want to get rid of the thing… but there was just NO place for such an over-sized mirror in our little home. The mirror sat in storage for a while (aka at Mama’s House) before we finally moved it into a corner of our dining area at the house. This wasn’t horrible, I just like to change things up a bit from time to time! I’ve been wanting to see what chalk paint was all about… so when I came across the idea of chalk paint on mirror frames (thanks, Pinterest) I had to try!

For this particular project, I used a very basic White Matte Finish Chalk Paint. No prep or primer was needed, I simply cleaned off some dust from the mirror and got right down to business. The key with chalk paint is to do very THIN layers. I ended up with only three layers since the mirror was a light gold. Then, you simply use a wet rag to scrub off the paint where you could see gold designs. This was harder than I thought!! It took time to get through all the layers of paint, but the end result was worth it.


After we got back from vacation, Levi and I unpacked and got the house back in order. Levi had some time, so he was sweet enough to hang the mirror for me!

Mirror 1I love the way it opens our dining area to be more inviting and spacious. The mirror ended up being the perfect size for the large empty wall behind the table Levi built for me last year (read about it here). After all, isn’t fall about change?!


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