My Little Bear

Most kids have a “security blanket” or comfort toy…. Mine was a teddy bear, given to me at the age of 5. My bear and I, later to be named “Little Bear”, instantly became inseparable. My kindergarten class had given me a large basket when my brother was born. Inside was what came to be my lifelong “comfort”.

For those who don’t know, my baby brother, David, was born with a rare bone disease. He was not supposed to live 7 minutes on earth. I love my school for going that extra mile to show that curly haired little girl affection. I’m sure that basket was filled with love and handled with care, but the only thing I remember about it is my teddy bear. He was “born” when my brother was born, and when our Lord took my brother home 7 MONTHS later (yes, he was our family’s miracle), Little Bear stayed with me. In my naive mind, I felt David was with me when I squeezed that bear. Every little whisper of a prayer, Little Bear came to life.

Little Bear’s home was in my room as long as I can remember. Since Levi and I have been married, I wanted so very much to find a way to remember the treasure I found in that old teddy bear. He has had several “surgeries” over the years… aka Mom had to sew him up a lot of because of wear and tear.

I just now found a way to showcase my Little Bear….

Little Bear

Now in one of our extra bedrooms, you can find my Little Bear showcased in a simple wooden frame. I would love to pass him down to my children, but I know his fur is thin and needs some care. So instead, I plan to share my memories with them. All it took was an old wooden frame, some fabric, and some pins. It may seem silly to you, but with that old worn out bear with the green bow tie, I shared my secrets, my prayers, and my love as a child. He holds some of my greatest childhood memories.


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