Curb Appeal – Lorapetalum

A neglected area much need of some lovin’….our front flower bed. Since moving in, I have wanted to update our flower bed in the front yard. However, time kept slipping away so fast, not to mention our budget never was really in favor of the idea – until this spring!

When it comes to gardening, I have a little issue… It’s commonly known as “the black thumb”. Never will I claim anything otherwise. Without any hesitation, I headed over to TBones Nursery in Milledgeville, GA. They are the BEST in this area, and I always like to support local businesses. One of their employees immediately knew the best fit for me after showing her this photo (oh and after mentioning the whole black thumb thing):

IMG_3574  IMG_3573

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but there were already some (pathetic) azaleas planted – but NEVER grew. Also, the odd bush/tree thing going on in the center. After only a few minutes at TBones, I chose the Lorapetalums, Ever Red. First of all, I love the color red. Secondly, the folks at TBones basically said I would have to be intentionally trying to kill these for them to die. SOLD!!! IMG_3588

First, I pulled up the old bushes and loosened up the dirt. Levi helped me uproot the middle bush. As you can tell from the photo on the left, dealing with red Georgia clay is NOT easy. We planted five Lorapetalums evenly across the front. Then, we added some pinestraw that we raked from our neighbors backyard – Hey! We are on a budget!! And our neighbors could benefit too, so why not!?

I LOVE how this turned out. A project that has been put off for so long feels so good to complete. All that’s left is a little watering, and to edge out the borders to keep grass out. It may not be much, but one little branch at a time will make a cozy nest!



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