No, We Aren’t Cavemen

No, we don’t have cable.  Yes, we know that’s not normal. 

No, we don’t get bored. Yes, we just simply go outside.

No, we can afford it. Yes, it’s a choice.

Just a few of the questions we get when people find out we don’t have cable. You should see the look on people’s faces!! It’s like we are cavemen or something? Yes, we have a Hulu for movie nights and those rainy days… But no cable. We have always been “money conscious” but especially when we first got married. To save a little extra, we decided to not have cable. I must admit to sometimes wanting to watch the news in the morning, or a football game, oh and HGTV…. But the simple truth is almost two years later, we still survive. It pushes us to go outside, to talk in the evenings, to read more books, and get out of the house. So for now, we will keep the cable-less lifestyle. Although one day this may change, we hope to not let such a simple thing like cable get in the way of our marriage and takeover our lives. Definitely not saying this happens to everybody, but it’s so easy to get caught up without realizing the truth. I pray we always remember these “simple” days.


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