Not Just Any Table


Ok, this post may be a little late but I couldn’t go without sharing. My Levi surprised me with a hand built dining room table and benches for Christmas this year – I fell in love instantly! I am definitely biased because it was made with the sweat and time of my sweet husband after hours and on weekends (He informed me those were MANY hours).

Made using only pallet wood, he lined them up accordingly and nail by nail created what our family will sit at for years to come. He sanded it over and over, then finally stained and added poly. To most, it may not seem like much. This is not just any table to me because I can only imagine the memories this table will hold and the family and friends to fill the seats.


4 thoughts on “Not Just Any Table

  1. Our dining room table broke over the holidays… It was an antique and the supports just snapped in half when a friend leaned against it! I was so sad, but my John is working on plans to build a new one. I’m so excited! Your table is beautiful! You will cherish it forever…. : )


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