My Sunshine: Pallet Wood Sign

IMG_1940For Christmas my Aunt asked for a sign that read a sweet song… ” You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” She wanted the memory of her grandfather singing it.

I decided to use pallet wood. Levi cut six consecutive pieces from a pallet of all different sizes. Flip them over and push close together. We found two long skinny pieces of wood to hold everything in place. We nailed everything together pretty quick. (The third piece of wood we added at the top was to make it level if it was hung on a wall.)

IMG_1820 IMG_1821

Next step was to sand the wood by hand. Once that was done and the wood was wiped clean of debris, the staining began! I used two coats of Miniwax – Wood Stain wiped on with a thick cloth. I wanted to incorporate green and red to match the color scheme of my aunt’s home, so the banner added a pop of color to contrast the white words. “Sunshine” is actually a light yellow. This took several coats. Not many steps, just time consuming waiting on the coats to dry. This was my first try with pallet wood, but it ended up being a fun project and learning experience!


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