All Hallow’s Eve – Halloween at the Wood’s Nest

Levi and I have a tradition of getting friends and family together to pass out candy to the kiddos in our neighborhood on Halloween. Levi, the grill-master, cooked everyone dinner this year, which was a special treat! We adorned his truck with creepy orange lights,IMG_1411 a pumpkin, and spooky Halloween tunes and noises (Thanks, Pandora). We sit on the tailgate and watch as our neighborhood fills up with kids who are in full pretend mode. So, as any kid in a grown up body should, Levi and I dressed up too.

Halloween is such a fun night. Our three year old nephew told me, “Levi my main man tessie is, he is Halloween.” I guess from his perspective, Halloween is scary, beardless Levi. He wasn’t too off. It’s the costumes, the decor, the candy, scary stories, and everything is pumpkin flavored. All of it is Halloween. But I love more than anything the imagination of a child. Sadly, with age we lose the ability to imagine and pretend as we once did. On this night we get to see an extreme version of a child’s imagination. Be whatever you want! Dress goofy, act crazy, and eat lots of sugar and calories. Escape reality. Does it get more fun than that?

I couldn’t get a picture of everybody, unfortunately.. But here are just a few pictures from this year…

Addison IMG_1351 IMG_1319 IMG_1371 - CopyIMG_1393 IMG_1348 IMG_1384 IMG_1326 IMG_1377 IMG_1403 IMG_1379


All Hallows’ Eve
The pumpkin grinned from ear to ear, “The moon is bright, the sky is clear. This is the night we’ve waited for, when elves come knocking on the door. “When witches ride their broomsticks high and ghosts and goblins fill the sky. Then Jack and Jill, with fairy queen, will dance and sing: it’s Halloween.” ~ by Constance B. Osborne


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