Backyard Transformation: Part 3 – Windows and Doors

We were thrilled to be done with painting the stucco, but still our backyard transformation was not complete. The windows and doors were in much need of attention.

Levi had originally wrapped our windows with brown metal when the stucco was brown. (See it here.) They looked great! Now, however, the stucco was gray and the windows looked poop brown. My sweet husband ripped down the brown metal (that took two + hours) to replace it with pretty white metal. The original wood he used last time was sufficient since it would be covered up by the metal regardless. This made the process a lot faster. He again used a metal break to bend and cut the metal. This time, using white nails and caulk to seal them. What a difference it made! Eventually, we might replace the windows all together, but for now – one step at a time! Before After Windows

We considered painting the crawl space door white, but decided to stick with gray to keep it hidden. It had already been primed, so we easily painted it with the same “Summit Gray”. Two coats later, and that was done!

Last step was what to do with the old basement doors. Just like the windows, we may eventually replace the doors altogether. Since the windows popped so well on the gray stucco, we decided to paint the basement doors white as well. Before we primed them, however, we had to sand the doors for the paint to stick as well as smooth out imperfections (which happen to be a TON). To the left was a picture of the original door. (Yucky, right?!) We primed the doors with the same primer as the stucco (probably a mistake, but we are not so fond of these anyway). I painted these with a bright white exterior paint. Nothing too special, because again, they have seen better days. They really seem to stand out now!!

Before After DoorsYes, these are the same doors!! One big difference is the actual windows. When we primed and painted, we used no form of painters tape. We had already decided to scrape off the frost that has been on the windows, since they were scratched and almost spooky now… Using a small scraper, I tirelessly scratched and scratched off the frost / dried paint. Much much better!!


Windows and doors both taken care of now. The finished transformation coming soon!!!


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