Backyard Transformation: Part 1 – The Big Clean Up

Pressure wash before afterLately, our weekends have been so busy! We have been focused on fixing up our backyard for a while now. We didn’t really know where to start except to just simply clean up. What better way than giving the house a little wash down! We borrowed a pressure washer from Levi’s folks and got to work. What a difference it made!!!

We pressure washed the concrete patio, vinyl, as well as the stucco surrounding the whole back of the house. Looks like new.

IMG_9763  IMG_9795

The next part of the clean up was our lighting situation. Levi changed out all the electrical switches on our corner lights, while I went looking for a new fixture by the door. Lighting – check!

The following weekend, we wanted to take care of the messy windows. By messy, I mean FALLING APART! Here is what the original window looked like. YIKES>>>>

IMG_9731 IMG_9732

Levi decided to replace the old wood. Then, wrap some brown metal (using a metal break) around the wood to prevent it from rotting  – not to mention making it look smooth and clean. Levi did this for another window on the other side of the house as well.


“The Big Clean Up” took a couple weekends, but worth it! More to come!!

Part 1 –

1. Pressure Wash
2. Lighting
3. Windows


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