Who Needs Store-Bought-New?

Our air vents have gotten out. of. control. So this rainy Sunday afternoon we finally did something about it. We had contemplated buying new air vents earlier ($20 each at least), but decided to try a DIY project instead… SO glad we did!!

At first I scrubbed and scrubbed with a brush, then sprayed each down with a hose outside. This photo was AFTER a good scrub and wash. (Gross, right?!)

air vents

After they dried, we used Rust-oleum Spray Paint for appliances from Lowe’s (just a couple $) to paint them white again. It was raining, so we had to move this project under our carport (not the best idea with spray paint – but made it work.) We propped up the vent using an old brick so we could paint both sides at one time without smudging.

air vents 4  air vents 5  air vents 3

Here is one before and one after paint – AMAZING difference a little paint can do!!

air vents 2

The finished project…. like NEW!!!! Sounds simple (because it was), but makes for a successful weekend project when we can save $$$$$!!

air vents painted


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