Our Own Little “Nest”

My husband, Levi, has several talents… One of them being quite the carpenter. At the early age of 19, he purchased a DUMP – I mean our home… ūüôā But only his eyes could see the jewel through the mess.

This was just the beginning. Levi didn’t know at the time, but only a short five years later, his roommate would in fact be his wife (lucky me!) ¬†This was when Levi first bought our home. I am so proud of what my hubby accomplished in order to prepare for our future – even when he hadn’t met me yet!

My, how much things have changed….

old home 1

2009 | Before


2013 | After

Levi and I got married April 20, 2013. Since we started dating, our finances have been a huge part of our lives. We LOVE a good deal, but more importantly – a budget! Everything we do is strategically planned and budgeted. (And not every project is a success story!) We understand that our home won’t ¬†be the same as our folks, who have been decorating and fixing up their place for over¬†25 years, but we are happy with our own unique “Nest”.

Our Nest is our lodging place, a retreat, a comfort, our home. One day we plan on growing our Nest, but for now we are content fixing up our place and living free. I plan to share our LOVE for home projects, fixer-uppers, sewing and crafts, everyday maintenance, tips/tricks, other improvements, and the making of our nest – The Wood’s Nest.

Here are some more photos from Levi’s initial purchase¬†in 2009…

old home 2 old home 3 old home 4 old home 6 old home 7

And here are just a¬†few¬†“after” shots when he finished his remodel a few months later (with some help from family)…

IMG_4417 IMG_4437 IMG_8927IMG_4988

This home has come a long way, but there is always room for more improvements!!


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