Making This Place Your Home


Re-living these moments brings happy tears to my eyes! Wish we could’ve captured everyone’s reactions about baby girl. We did get a few clips of our family, from the very first time we told them about our baby, to finding out the gender… Such sweet memories!

Here are the few we were lucky enough to capture on video…


Glitter and Bows

Bring on the glitter and bows, we are having a baby GIRL!


Last month we were told our tiny peanut was a girl. After the shock wore off, we started planning a gender reveal get together for our families. My sister in law, Mariah, convinced us to have the party. So glad we took her advice because we had a BLAST surprising our family with the news! It wasn’t easy keeping the little secret, though.

Levi’s cousin just started a catering business, Chaffin’s Dishes, so we got her to make us some, might I say, absolutely mouth watering cookies and cream cupcakes. She filled the inside with pink icing, so when our family took a big bite, there it was! Of course, we made everyone choose a “side” before biting into the cupcakes. So each person chose a pink or blue flag that was on top. “Team Boy” was ahead because we are SO outnumbered by boys! Right now we have 1 niece and 5 nephews. Needless to say, the PINK created a shock factor.

Here are a few pictures from the party…..

Two of my SIL are also pregnant (due a week apart in August). It’s been fun going through this journey with them too. This past weekend we found out they are BOTH having boys… So we get two more nephews this year! So many exciting things going on in our family, and more to come. Our baby girl is going to have to keep all of these boys in line!! 🙂


[Me-24w5d, Ashah-17w3d, Mariah-16w4d]

Another New Year

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a moment to come here and write down my thoughts. The year 2016 has come and gone so quickly, and the last few months have been some of the busiest for us. I’m starting to understand more and more what my parents meant when they told me that the older you get, the faster time slips away from you. And here we are, at the start of another new year.

I see a lot of people on social media posting about how they wish “time would slow down”.

“Slow down time.”

“Time please, please slow down.”

But time is never really on our side is it? I don’t disagree with these ideas. Wouldn’t it be something if we could slow down time during the joyous moments we wish to soak up forever? If we could somehow capture the moments and make them more than a memory, maybe somehow stay in that moment just a little longer. Just one more day. Bottle it up to open again later. Perhaps, if time were to agree with our pleas to slow down, we would only wish for more time. Just one more day. Five more minutes.

Time doesn’t wait for us to be ready, though. I’m very much guilty of having that “childlike” mentality, of just five more minutes even as an adult. We’ve all at some point wanted to fast – forward through hurting or a hard work week. Waiting is not promised to be an easy task. It’s funny to me, how God chooses just a handful of these moments to become those lifelong memories. Often times, we know in the middle of a memory that we won’t ever forget it. You know the moments when everything in the world is right?

Have you ever prayed to never forget a feeling? Just soak it up as much as you can, knowing full aware it won’t last forever. Could be the moment you’ve been waiting and hoping would come for so long. My favorite memories are the ones that weren’t expected. I believe God gives us these times to get us through the rest of our days.

So maybe this new year we should stop saying “time slow down”. Maybe it’s not time that needs to slow down. Maybe, it’s US that needs to slow down and soak it in. Maybe it’s US that should be praying for our feelings in these moments to last forever in our hearts. Then no matter what is in front of us, our heart is full. Yes, today is hard, but remember when God provided a memory so sweet it still to this day brings a smile to your face? Thank you, Lord, for the memories and the reminder to slow down and enjoy what you’ve given us. 

Here’s to another new year, full of all the unknown to soak in, and the memories that fill our hearts from times past.

Our Nest is Growing!


Yes, our little nest is growing next year! We are expecting our first baby love next June. Although it still doesn’t feel real to us yet, we couldn’t be more excited. After our 10 week appointment, we heart our child’s heartbeat for the first time. I’ve always dreamed about what it may sound like, if I would have tears or big smiles. That beautiful sound just took my breath away. I stared at the little bit in my stomach in pure awe. Levi was giddy and also stared in amazement. What a miracle life is! That tiny human will change our world in ways we can’t imagine possible yet. One thing we do know, we are so in love.

Grizzard Family

I had the pleasure of taking some family photos for my friend and co-worker, Nichole. They just recently moved into a new home, and of course wanted to fill the walls with photos. We had so much fun, you would never know it was  over 1oo degrees on the Georgia College campus!! These girls are seriously a hoot… I call them the little Grizzly Bears! (Get it?!)

Treasure Hunting

The crisp morning air, searching for the address while drinking the last of your coffee…Oh, I just love a good yard sale!! But who am I kidding – in Georgia, there is no crisp air, it’s just really steaming hot. Even at 8AM I’m sweating. WHEW! But even if I don’t find anything of interest, I love looking through other’s history and stories. Okay, yes, lots of times it’s just other’s junk. But every now and then, you will find a treasure! These simple “yard sale finds” are often times more valuable to me because I can make them my own. And mainly because they are so cheap… LET’S BE HONEST.

Also, what makes these “finds” so fun is the special bond between my sisters-in-love, and how we always share our good deals! So, here is my latest find this summer. Side note: It’s crazy how busy this year has been?! Where has the time gone?



Our Holly Jolly Home

Someone asked my husband if we decorated our home for Christmas. His response…. “HA It’s like a tiny elf came down to our house and threw up Christmas spirit everywhere!” What can I say, I have a romantic…  Any-who… He was right. The day after Thanksgiving an elf got busy (Elf Rachel). Each year we add a little something new or different to our home, so here are a few of my favorite traditions, old and new!


Dinnerware –> I realize I’m obsessed. These were handed down from my great-grandmother, and the gingerbread from my other grandmother. They are placed on the table my husband, Levi, built for me that we have enjoyed all year long! See post from last Christmas

Our tree  –> It doesn’t have fancy ornaments, but each one we have holds a story. Hanging each one is a reminder of these memories over the years! We don’t have a real tree (thanks, allergies!) but you better believe we have the scent of pine melting away in the wax warmer.

The newest addition to our Christmas decor is this handmade tree skirt from one of my favorite hometown antique stores – Old Capital Treasures. (I have way to much fun in there.) To make it even better, this skirt was only $6 – YES PLEASE.

Under the tree –> Am I the only one that thinks gift wrapping is an art? One of the best memories with my Mom was going shopping together. But even more so, listening to Christmas music while we wrapped them all. NOTE: Never forget the Christmas babies. My Levi’s birthday is only six days before, so we always have a mix of birthday fun too.

Our mantle –> It lights up our living room and creates such a peaceful setting, where we sit and have our coffee each morning. My beautiful “W” ornament, given to me from my Granny this year, hangs on another antique store find.

The cards –> We love getting cards from friends and family!! When we got married, we started the tradition of sending out our own cards for Christmas. This year we started a new tradition thanks to one of my grade school teachers, who is still teaching me things as an adult! Mrs. Hartzell, thank you for sharing this devotional calendar from Ann Voskamp. It’s beautifully written daily reminders of what Christmas is really about – The Greatest Gift! [ Check out her blog

Let His Love Bring You JOY

let his love

Christmas time is undoubtedly a special time of year. Between all the hustle and bustle preparing for Christmas Day, it was nice to stop and reflect on the birth of our Savior today. Our church service this morning consisted of a sweet Christmas play as told by the children of the church. Their innocence was a reminder of the simplicity of the season.

I must admit to being slightly overwhelmed the last few weeks. But today, I will focus on Jesus, just Jesus. Ann Voskamp writes, “I will not be driven by perfectionism or performance – because I was formed by Love, for Love. I will simply enjoy the ministry of presence today: God’s presence, people’s presence, the present moment, the gift of now. The greatest gift I can give back to our great God is to let His love make me glad.”

All we need to get ready for Christmas is to prepare our hearts. So here’s to a Christmas filled with joy!

To Every Thing There is a Season


This week marks the first few days of fall. As I took in the crisp air early this morning before the sun came up, I was reminded to soak in all the little changes our Lord gives us each season. Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 is a reminder that there is a time and purpose for everything. Can I just say, that chapter is so beautiful and the older I get, the more I can relate.

Often times, I feel as though we go through a change, and quickly find that we are looking for the next exciting life change without appreciating the present moments. I guess as sinners our flesh is never satisfied.

It’s so easy to get discouraged waiting for your next season. (Believe me!) But then the Lord will send little reminders, like this morning, that in due time His plan will unfold and it will be the most perfect and more amazing than we could ever have imagined.

I want to try and not overlook that God has placed us in this season right now, and it’s all a part of His plan. Don’t miss your purpose now looking for what’s to come later. As Chapter 3 says,

“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” (v11)

I’ve caught myself thinking lately, “If only I could know when”. I’ve also thought “If I knew then what I know now…” after hard life lessons. But if we knew the future, why would we need to place our complete trust and faith in God? During my last few weeks in college, I remember the fears of the unknown creep in to my life. For the first time, I had no idea what was next. The week after I graduated college, the Lord brought Levi into my life. We were engaged 5 months later, and I was also fortunate enough to be introduced to the field of work that I would later come to love. I would have never guessed, but let me tell you friends… NOTHING takes God by surprise.

Even with such evident proof, I still have to remind myself that His timing is perfect. So to those of you who are also hurting, anxious, or stressed during this time of “waiting season”, I pray this chapter could be an encouragement to you as it was to me.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” (v1)